Ms. Testa

Ms. Testa - Pre K

Ms. Scott

Ms. Scott Kindergarten

Ms. Kenyon

Mrs. Kenyon Kindergarten

Ms. Maison

Mrs. Maison First Grade

Ms. Moser

Ms. Moser Second Grade

Mr. Hicks

Mr. Hicks Second Grade

Ms. Polomcean

Mrs. Polomcean Third Grade

Ms. VanDeusen

Mrs. VanDeusen Third Grade

Ms. Dibble

Mrs. Dibble Fourth Grade

Ms. Jhanke

Mrs. Jahnke Fourth Grade

Mr. Cottrell

Mr. Cottrell Fifth Grade

Ms. Stocking

Ms. Stocking Fifth Grade

Mr. Decker

Mr. Decker Sixth Grade

Ms. Goodenough

Ms. Goodenough Sixth Grade

Ms. Woodrow

Ms. Woodrow - Licensed Teaching Assistant

Please note: Parents have the right to request information regarding the qualifications of their child's teachers and whether or not their child is provided services by a paraprofessional (teaching assistant).