Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Internet Safety is an integral part of Milford Central School's Pre-K-12 education program. Internet Safety education includes, but is not limited [to]:


The Elementary Guidance Counselor meets with Elementary students and covers topics such as cyber bullying, posting personal information and pictures, chat rooms, instant messaging and being safe on the internet.

Fifth Grade:

Webquest:  Playing it Safe!


Topics covered:


World Wide Web


Search Engines

Types of information on the Internet

Safe Surfing 




         Instant messaging

         Chat rooms

                 Benefits of a chat room

                 Risks of a chat room

         “Stranger Danger”  - people may lie about who they are

Netiquette – basic rules of etiquette or courtesy when communicating on the Internet


Emphasis on:

Password protection

Personal Information protection

         Posting of personal photos

Seventh Grade:

The seventh grade life skills curriculum includes the ISafe program. Parents are encouraged to visit                                                                                     

Eighth Grade: 

The website is reviewed the first week of class and periodically revisited when new articles are posted

Topics we discuss are:

How to Prevent Sexting

Cell Phone Safety Tips

Tips to Stop Cyberbullying

How to Recognize Grooming

Social Web Safety Tips for Teens

A quiz is given to reinforce good safety habits for searching the web and being on social networking sites.